Product Summary

See how VSmart™ can assist your business ensuring that you meet regulatory requirement. Eliminate risk, increase revenue and reduce cost with our multi-award winning, proprietary, patented solution.


VSmart™ enables mobility in heavily regulated financial markets. 

VSmart™ enables financial markets to regulate all mobile communications including, calls, voicemail, texts and instant messenger applications. Data is securely stored in our hosted cloud and is easily managed using the VSmart™ control centre (VCC), our multi-award winning, patented, secure, online administration portal.

          Embeded Client                                                             VSmart™ is not an application. Instead our software sits within the operating system of the device, enabling users to use their devices as normal, providing an always on, tamper proof solution.

              IM Capture                                                                     VSmart™ can capture, record and store all instant message applications including WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat and BBM.

       Call and Voicemail                                                         VSmart™ captures, records and stores all calls and voicemail uploading all date to our secure cloud, hosted by Amazon web servers

  VSmart™ Control Centre                                                   Admins can manage all recorded data through the VSmart™ Control Centre. Admins can play back, transcribe, view, manage and download all recorded data.


IM Capture
Record instant messenger with VSmart™

Not only do we record calls and voicemail, we also record instant messenger applications, including WhatsApp, We Chat, Snap Chat and BBM, ensuring your business remains compliant through every channel.

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"The boom of Fintech Vs internal innovation"

We discuss the emerging relationship between versatile Fintechs and institutionalised banks and why they need each other in order so grow and survive our rapidly evolving financial eco system.


We are a matter of months away from experiencing significant regulatory change that will drastically impact the financial sector should institutions fail to comply.

Do you know how MiFID II will affect your business?

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